E-mail Marketing

We provide high class Email Marketing Services in UAE.
Our Email Marketing Services highlights:
  • Tracking Reports
  • Show more information (how many sent, how long it took, unique opens)
  • Show open stats, link stats, bounce stats, forwarding stats, unsubscribe stats per newsletter or autoresponder
  • Show trends in subscribes/unsubscribes per mailing list
  • Over 60,000 Companies Database in UAE.
  • No Duplicates, 100% Genuine and Working Data
  • Fully Personalized, Including Company Name & CEO/Manager Name.
  • NO Anonymous mails.
  • Segmentation
Some Latest Email Campaigns
Why Email Marketing?
  • One of the Most Powerful Branding Media
  • Quickest Way to Reach Targeted Audience
  • Fully Personalized
  • High Return on Investment, Lowest Per Sale Cost
  • Long Term
  • Track able
  • Instant Results
Research conducted by the UK marketing firm IPT in August and September 2004 Suggests that consumers are showing a more favorable opinion of email marketing compared to TV advertising. See our blog article Internet Marketing Vs. Conventional Marketing (TV, Newspaper, etc)
Whether you’re sending out a monthly newsletter, special offer, an update or notification for your client, email is the quickest, most cost effective environmentally sustainable and universal way to stay in contact with your prospects.
Our Services Include but not limited to:
  • Wisdoms helps in implementing an email data capture program that is secure, meets all standards and will be welcomed by the intended recipients by using our double opts in e-mail data capture system.
  • Design & develop overall strategy of email marketing, managing campaigns & shots, newsletters, etc.
  • Online email database management System (optionally on your own Website),
  • Full integration of all marketing campaigns with other Marketing & Social Media.



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